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A Guide to Paintbrush Types for Beginner Artists

Have you been inspired by Paul Kirby and his amazing robot artist Dulcinea to pick up a brush and begin your own journey in painting? With the right mindset, anyone can be a painter, experiencing the mindfulness, creativity, and therapeutic effects of shaping an image on a canvas. Painting offers a versatile and vibrant medium […]

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What is Surrealism, and Why is It Important?

Melting clocks, Victorian businessmen with bird heads, and pipes that aren’t pipes… are these elements from some strange dream, or subjects from one of the most recognizable art movements? The answer is: both.  Welcome to Surrealism, where dreams and reality coexist and transform our perceptions. What are the roots and meaning behind this wild movement, […]

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7 Basic Paintbrush Techniques

Whether the brush is held by a man or a machine, the brushstroke is the heart and soul of all painting. Each brushstroke is its own note in the symphony of a painted work, and so mastery of the brush is one of the most valuable skills a painter can hone. If you’re looking to […]

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5 of the Most Influential AI from Fiction

Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve obsessed over ideas of consciousness, intelligence, and the spirit. If we could create an artificial entity that thinks and feels, what would the ramifications be? What would change about our own perceived place in the universe?  As AI technology evolves more and more every day – from personal assistants […]

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What is Modern Art, and Why is It Important?

“Modern art” is a term frequently used – and often incorrectly. What does the overarching umbrella of modernism in art encompass, and what does it mean? Read on to discover what modern art is, how modern art can inspire you, and how it paved the way for unprecedented artistic expression and experimentation. Table of Contents […]

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