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Behind the AI; Beyond the Painting: Tadpoles

Nearly a thousand little brushstroke amphibians. They are, technically, motionless – and yet, the frenzied movement of their swarm radiates energy that can be felt. This is the reality present in Paul Kirby and Dulcinea’s 48” x 78” painting, Tadpoles. The techniques used to create the piece extend beyond those traditionally found in painting: what’s […]

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Behind the AI; Beyond the Painting: Swirling Timbers of Chaos

A chaotic wind sweeping through a dark forest of wreckage, the distance shrouded in haze: this is what the painting, Swirling Timbers of Chaos, appears to be… but who would have guessed that such a moody work had its origins in a children’s game, clay, complex mathematics, and — of all things — ants. Only […]

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The Challenges of Designing Dulcinea, The Painting Robot

How does something like Dulcinea, Paul Kirby’s fully-automated robot artist, take shape? Just what kind of considerations and challenges arise from attempting to create a new, complex fusion of computing, mechanics, and two-dimensional art? We talked to Paul Kirby to learn more about the varied inspirations and processes behind building and refining Dulcinea.  Old World […]

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