Five Tips to Help You Realize Your Dreams Through Fusioneering

Posted on January 24, 2022 in Fusioneering , Inspiration , The Man

Fusioneering is the combining of an individual’s greatest interests – through cultivation of skills and talents – into a singular field of work or study (where none might have even existed previously, such as the case with a certain painterly robot). Why choose just one interest to spend your life on? Why not have your cake and eat it, too? You might be thinking, “This all sounds well and good… but where do I begin?” Don’t worry, because a mindset that allows you to seamlessly blend the things you most love is easier than it sounds to acquire. Here are five practices to help you make the most of fusioneering. 

1. Stay Curious

A constant spirit of exploration and discovery is one of the most valuable qualities to possess when trying to fusioneer and live one’s dreams. As we grow from kids into adults, social pressures and societal stressors can lead us to forget some of the spirit of whimsy, exploration, and wonder we once had. The problem here is that curiosity goes hand-in-hand with creativity — how can a creative solution to a problem be found if one lacks the curiosity to discover the problem in the first place? A curious nature makes one more perceptive and fosters a greater level of understanding in the people, places, things, and ideas that make-up our known universe. If you need help nurturing your curiosity, consider approaching concepts and ideas using the “Five Ws” – the questions “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,”  and also “how.” While the concept may seem simple, it’s an effective lens at exploring and questioning our world, as no question can be met with a direct affirmative or negative answer. Remember that everything has a story, and wonder can be found absolutely anywhere – these are the keys to fusioneering. 

2. Thirst for Knowledge

Forty years ago, if you wanted to learn about the 19th-century art movement of Impressionism, you’d have to spend time seeking out countless texts and resources on the subject. Today, all you have to do is click here to get a vast overview of the subject along with a list of great resources for continued reading. It has never, in the entire history of human society, been easier to acquire knowledge. Along with the internet, there are community interest groups, local museum exhibitions, and affordable classes available to all groups and ages, and these serve as immensely helpful means of growing knowledge and interest in a wealth of different subjects (just please ensure that all your sources are reputable and fact-checked). A mind that’s hungry for new information will not only have a greater – and constantly-expanding – pool of information and skills to draw on for future experiences, but it will also be able to more readily make inferences and allow you to stay ahead of the societal pace of change. New knowledge leads to new opportunities and new avenues to fuse together varying disciplines, styles, and philosophies. What’s more, continued learning allows your mind to stay “fit,” so to speak. The brain is like a muscle; the more you work it, the stronger it gets.   

3. Embrace Boredom

In a tech-centered culture, with a myriad of social media, news, and entertainment options all available instantly with the press of a button or the swipe of the finger, it’s never been easier to not be bored… and while that sounds like a blessing, it’s actually more of a curse. Research has shown that a state of ennui or boredom forces the mind to search for stimulation, which opens neural pathways and triggers new ideas. Stuck on something? Wrestling with a question? Maybe all you really need is to disconnect from your devices for a little while and let your brain sort out the rest. Something as simple as a walk, a drive, or spacing-out while doing household chores is all it could take for you to have your next big idea.  

4. Push the Envelope

Most people aren’t interested in being on the cutting edge, but said edge is where most novelty and invention arises from. “Cutting edge” and “state of the art” are the spaces where fusioneers thrive. Thinking outside the box and attempting to achieve something new, different, or unheard-of is a great way to discover something that truly excites yourself and others — and is the best way to differentiate your value in a culture of increasing oversaturation. 

Fusioneering can be as simple as recognizing where an intersection between interests lies (e.g. someone that loves mysteries, plants, and history could join the existing field of paleobotany), or fusioneering can involve the invention of an entirely new space (i.e. the person with the aforementioned interests could curate some kind of never-before-seen exhibition where guests explore famous historical moments through the context of the flora present at the time). Don’t be afraid of failure or judgement, and be willing to experiment down interesting new avenues. You never know where you’ll arrive! 

5. Never Give Up

The most important tip to succeeding at fusing and living your dreams? Never stop trying. Life is going to throw challenges, adversity, and “unprecedented times” at you for as long as you’re alive. That can be scary, and it can make it feel like there’s no point in trying — but the difficulty and work required to overcome the struggles will make success all the sweeter when you finally get there. What matters most is that you continually follow your enthusiasm and passions. The only way to lose the game is to not play, and the only way to truly lose sight of your dreams is to stop chasing them. 

Never stop fusioneering!

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