What Is Fusioneering?

Why pick and choose which passion you should follow? Fusioneering allows you to cultivate many interests into something innovative and revolutionary.

While Paul chose to combine science, art, and technology to create Dulcinea, fusioneering is the practice of combining any two or more disciplines to create something new.

Dulcinea the painting robot uses an AI painting program to paint

What Does Fusioneering Look Like?

No matter what piques your curiosity, you become a fusioneer when you dig deep into your interests, blend them together, and introduce something unique to the world. Fusioneering expands the realm of possibilities, challenges the way we think, and encourages us to transform ourselves and the world around us. Start your journey by exploring fusioneering stories.

It is impossible to be alive without the effort to create and to bring something new into concrete manifestations.”

From Nicolai Fechin by Mary N Balcomb

Understanding Fusioneering

Instead of following in the standard path of one discipline, fusioneering inspires us to pursue a single vision while combining multiple passions or interests. While it might sound complicated, the most difficult of concepts can sometimes be described in the simplest terms.

Following Your Passions

When a group of high school students visited Paul in his studio, a young girl shared that she loved playing in the mud. When her classmates laughed at her, she recovered from the embarrassment by saying she likes working with computers. While these may seem like vastly different passions, Paul sparked a conversation around how she could combine her interests to create a unique career for herself. Watch the video to find out what he said!

Enjoying The Journey

When starting out, Paul was overwhelmed with the immensity of the task ahead. See how he worked through this to enjoy every day of his journey.

Follow your enthusiasm wherever it leads you.”

Paul Kirby


Paul doesn’t want any of Dulcinea’s paintings to be a “copy” of something that’s existed or been done before… so, where do the ideas come from?

Automating Brush Washing and Paint Loading

Creating a robot that can paint is one thing – but what about a robot that knows how to maintain its materials and clean its own tools? See how Paul Kirby took Dulcinea to the next level.

Get Inspired

Build the life you love. Learn more about fusioneering:

Dulcinea the painting robot paints

Experience The Magic

Meet Paul and explore how blending your interests can empower you to follow your enthusiasm and bring your passions to life.

Modern inventor Paul Kirby mixes paints in his paint room

Who Is Paul Kirby?

An artist, scientist, and engineer, Paul represents what can happen when you follow your passions and form them into one unique vision.