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Introducing The FUSE Pathway: A Fusioneering Framework

Paul Kirby and The Kirby Foundation are excited to announce big things coming in the world of fusioneering! In an effort to share his transformative journey and inspire others, Paul has a new book coming to shelves soon — and today we’ll be introducing the book’s main concept, a new framework to aid fusioneers in […]

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Painting Tips for Beginners: How to Work with Color

When you look at a painting, what’s the first thing you see? Color is one of the most powerful tools in an artist’s arsenal, capable of evoking emotion, setting the mood, and bringing a painting to life. But for beginners, navigating the vast spectrum of colors can be quite daunting. Fear not — we’re here […]

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How to Battle & Avoid Burnout

Modern life is increasingly fast-paced, often involving more time devoted to gardening than smelling the flowers. With so much to think about and do, it’s no wonder that burnout has become an increasingly prevalent issue, affecting individuals across all walks of life. Whether you’re juggling multiple responsibilities at work, managing a hectic schedule at home, […]

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What is Cubism, and Why is It Important?

Fractured planes, distorted anatomy, geometric explosions — it all sounds chaotic, but really, these are some of the hallmarks of the most influential art movement in the early 20th century. A radical departure from traditional representation in art and a reinvention of form: Cubism. But what exactly is this avant-garde style, and why did it […]

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Virtual Art Galleries: The Future of Accessible Art

Art is made to be experienced. The ideal way to view a painting is up-close and in a way that allows the audience to be present with the work — and while technology and digital advancements are often seen as barriers to “true art viewing,” modern advancements are actually bringing art to the people in […]

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