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Follow Your Dream!

Watch the film below and journey along beside Paul Kirby to discover how one man made a breathtaking robot capable of painting like a classical master. When inspiration and passion collide, anything is possible.

Emblem for Best Short Film Selection for Vail Film Festival

Vail Film Festival 2021

emblem for Official Selection for Portland Film Festival

Portland Film Festival 2021

“The Fusion of Art and Science”

Inspired by his many interests in science, art, and technology, Paul Kirby strived to combine his passions into a unique vision: a fully-automated robot that paints original artwork.

“Brushstroke” chronicles Paul’s unique journey and what can happen if you dare to chase your dreams. It was named as a Vail Film Festival 2021 Documentary Nominee and recognized as a nominee in the Portland Film Festival’s Short Documentary Category.

Build A Life Filled With Passion

In telling Paul’s story, it was important to share every side of his journey and illustrate what it really means to be a fusioneer. The process of creating a passion-fueled life is not always linear, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

Get Inspired

Build the life you love. Learn more about fusioneering:

A stack of books that inspired Paul Kirby a modern inventor

What Is Fusioneering?

Why pick which passion you should follow? Fusioneering allows you to cultivate many interests into something innovative and revolutionary.

Modern inventor Paul Kirby mixes paints in his paint room

Who Is Paul Kirby?

An artist, scientist, and engineer, Paul represents what can happen when you follow your passions and form them into one unique vision.