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66” x 58”

Fluid dynamics, a subset of chaos theory, created the design. However, it wasn’t quite that simple. He looked at dozens and dozens of variations in a few days of collaborating with the programs. He was looking for something with energy and lumen.

The result was indeed something light and airy. A lively painting. A painting with beautiful brushstrokes – the heart and soul of painting. The concepts are about what engages the eye – brushstroke, color, contrast, movement.

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A one-day, video shoot was planned in Paul’s studio to film the robot, Dulcinea, creating a painting. Hours would be required during the morning to setup the cameras and lighting, and blacken the outside windows. So, the painting had to be simplified to just a few hundred strokes for the available painting time.

By reducing the number of brushstrokes, yet wanting to create a sizeable canvas (66” x 58”), Paul opened up the stroke density, adding more negative space.


Although a simple painting, it turned out to be one of Paul’s favorites.