Orange Painting


24” x 42”

Brushstrokes: 3500

Dulcinea’s first painting after she became completely automated. A milestone in the evolution of art and robotics. Genetic programming’s solution source code evolves through survival of the fittest. The color palette is a rule-based, expert system with some added fuzzy logic. The colors derived from three parameters given to the program: mood (happy), style (Flemish) and key (high).

Painting’s Background

Initially, two colonies of ants were selectively bred and roamed around the field of the painting on the computer, creating the background patterns for the painting, including obstacles and ridges.

Conclusion – A Milestone in the Fusion of Art and Science

Thus, in July, 2003, this painting marks a true milestone in the evolution of art and science and robotic art.

It was fully autonomous in its painting and various forms of artificial intelligence created its unique design and color palette.