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From the latest breakthroughs to future impacts and ethical implications, join us in unraveling the ever-evolving landscape of AI technology.

Virtual Art Galleries: The Future of Accessible Art

Art is made to be experienced. The ideal way to view a painting is up-close and in a way that allows the audience to be present with the work — and while technology and digital advancements are often seen as barriers to “true art viewing,” modern advancements are actually bringing art to the people in […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Art Restoration: Breathing New Life into Classic Masterpieces

The fusion of art and technology has given rise to so many exciting possibilities, and one of the most intriguing intersections is the use of artificial intelligence and robotics in the restoration of classical paintings. These iconic works of art have stayed relevant through the ages, but the ravages of time have inevitably taken their […]

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The Future of AI: 5 AI Advancements to Expect in the Next 10 Years

We’re in the midst of an artificial intelligence revolution — and painting masterpieces isn’t the only AI application shaking things up. In just the last few years, machine learning and AI technologies have come an extraordinarily long way, and the next decade promises to be an even more remarkable chapter in this continually evolving story. […]

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5 of the Most Influential AI from Fiction

Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve obsessed over ideas of consciousness, intelligence, and the spirit. If we could create an artificial entity that thinks and feels, what would the ramifications be? What would change about our own perceived place in the universe?  As AI technology evolves more and more every day – from personal assistants […]

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5 Ways Computers Have Made Making Art Easier

At Harvard University in 1977, Paul Kirby dreamed of a fusion of disciplines wherein computer science would redefine how art is made. Nearly fifty years later, Paul’s creation, Dulcinea – a painting robot – works tirelessly producing thought-provoking paintings conceived by man and perfected by AI. In that time, computer science has advanced exponentially, and […]

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