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Discover the profound cultural influences that have shaped the art world while taking a look at the masterpieces, movements, and artists who have left an indelible mark on our collective imagination.

What is Cubism, and Why is It Important?

Fractured planes, distorted anatomy, geometric explosions — it all sounds chaotic, but really, these are some of the hallmarks of the most influential art movement in the early 20th century. A radical departure from traditional representation in art and a reinvention of form: Cubism. But what exactly is this avant-garde style, and why did it […]

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Fibonacci’s Hidden Code: Uncovering the Mathematics Behind Classical Art

In the realm of art, beauty often hides a secret, and the world of mathematics can be an unassuming yet powerful accomplice. If you’re a regular follower of Paul Kirby & robot painter Dulcinea’s art, the fusion of art and science is something you’re well aware of — but did you know that the classical […]

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5 of the Most Influential Paintings of All Time

Throughout history, certain paintings have captured the essence of what it means to be human, rippling through time, resonating with audiences across generations, and leaving indelible marks upon the world of art. These classic masterpieces, as beautiful as they are famous, have all transcended boundaries, provoked countless discussions, and redefined artistic conventions. Today, we look […]

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What is Surrealism, and Why is It Important?

Melting clocks, Victorian businessmen with bird heads, and pipes that aren’t pipes… are these elements from some strange dream, or subjects from one of the most recognizable art movements? The answer is: both.  Welcome to Surrealism, where dreams and reality coexist and transform our perceptions. What are the roots and meaning behind this wild movement, […]

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What is Modern Art, and Why is It Important?

“Modern art” is a term frequently used – and often incorrectly. What does the overarching umbrella of modernism in art encompass, and what does it mean? Read on to discover what modern art is, how modern art can inspire you, and how it paved the way for unprecedented artistic expression and experimentation. Table of Contents […]

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