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Inspiring Innovations Spotlight: Michelangelo

He is lauded as the most accomplished artist of his era. His works encompass not just paintings or sculptures, but whole buildings and imagistic representations of an entire religious doctrine. In his understanding of how to recreate human anatomy, he is unparalleled. The brilliant creator’s artistic process was characterized by an unparalleled dedication to mastering […]

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Canvas Painting for Beginners: A Guide

You can technically paint on anything, but your choice of surface is just as important as choosing the right brush and paint type. While much can be said about the different surfaces one can paint on, chances are good that if you’re interested in picking up painting as a pastime, you’d probably like to try […]

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Inspiring Innovations Spotlight: Nikola Tesla

AI, computing, robots that can paint — these are common topics of daily discussion here at The Kirby Foundation. The groundwork of modern technology like this was laid by a multitude of different innovators, inventors, and fusioneers, and it is to these ingenious pioneers that we owe all of our futuristic advancements — but one […]

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The Symphony Within: How Music Affects Creativity

Music is a timeless expression of the human experience. Anthropologists and historians are unsure if language or music developed first, and even nature is full of its own share of music, like the melodies produced by birds, whales, frogs, and even insects. It makes sense, then, that music holds a great deal of power within […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Art Restoration: Breathing New Life into Classic Masterpieces

The fusion of art and technology has given rise to so many exciting possibilities, and one of the most intriguing intersections is the use of artificial intelligence and robotics in the restoration of classical paintings. These iconic works of art have stayed relevant through the ages, but the ravages of time have inevitably taken their […]

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