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How to Intrinsically Motivate Yourself

Some work, like doing laundry or mowing the lawn, is relatively quick and comes with an evident, immediate reward (e.g. clean clothes to wear or a great-looking plot of grass).  Other forms of work can be an exhausting battle, with little to show at the end of the day. Dopamine rewards from long-term grinds are […]

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The Science of Inspiration

In ancient times, it had many names. Your genius, your muse, your daemon – the spirit that follows and guides you, the ethereal manifestation of your as-yet-unrealized potential. Today, we call the concept inspiration. The inherent power of inspiration – and its incredible benefits to creativity and productivity – were well-known, and often deified, by […]

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A Brief History of AI

Paul Kirby’s robot painter, and the amazing AI systems behind it, have challenged notions of what a machine can and can’t do… but that’s typical for the field of artificial intelligence. As algorithms and machine learning become ever more present in our daily lives, it’s incredible to look back upon the history of artificial intelligence. […]

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An artist, scientist, and engineer, Paul represents what can happen when you follow your passions and form them into one unique vision. Learn more about Paul and his fusioneering journey.

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