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Posted on April 7, 2022 in Fusioneering , Inspiration

Futurology: The Study of the Future

It goes by many names – futurology, futurism, “futures studies”, strategic foresight – but what does it mean, and what exactly is it meant to do? Broadly, “futurology” is the field of looking ahead, the study of the new shapes and forms our society will take. Those in the field of futures studies seek to understand what aspects of our cultures and technologies will endure, and which will change with the shifting of trends, ideas, and societal constructs. More importantly, rather than simply attempting to forecast the future like a medium or meteorologist, futurists seek prescriptive solutions for problems of the present or problems that are predicted to appear down the line (methods to stop or reduce climate change, for example, have been the focus of many futurists for a number of decades). 

And now, with technological and societal advancement moving at an ever-increasing, exponential pace, futurology is more important than ever. New boons and challenges for our civilization seem to pop up every day, and it can be difficult to plan for a life or a career in the face of so many moving pieces and so much uncertainty.

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Working to Build a More Inspired Tomorrow

Thirty years ago the internet didn’t even exist, but now it’s available on a palm-sized device that fits in your pocket. Eighteen years ago Facebook didn’t exist (for better or worse), but it now captivates 2.85 billion monthly active users. Going back further, can you imagine our society without movies or television? What about a society without cars and planes for transportation? So many of these things seem trivial or blasé, but have entirely revolutionized or defined the daily life of the average person. 

Now, maybe you aren’t setting out to make the next “big thing” or reinvent the wheel, but there are incredible benefits to anticipating where the world is heading. For example, lots of people today – young and old alike – are able to make a comfortable living entirely from creating unique content for YouTube – something that wasn’t possible seventeen years ago. In our world, with tomorrow flying toward us at the speed of light, finding your place in the future can feel frightening or disheartening – and that’s why you can’t just find a place, you have to make one.

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How Fusioneering Can Help Us Look Forward

How can you capitalize upon and ride the wave of the future? Fusioneering shows us the path. By being true to yourself and your passions, you can forgo the traditional mold of possibilities and careers for your life, and instead forge something that is authentic and meaningful to you. When looking at a fusion of our greatest interests, however, a common sticking-point is the nagging voice of doubt from within that says “there’s no place for what I want to do in today’s world.” We say this to ourselves to avoid risk and rationalize the unsatisfactory conditions of our current lives. But is it true? Maybe there’s no place for what you want to do in “today’s world”… but have you thought about the world of tomorrow? True passion tears down boundaries and obstacles – and if you’re passionate enough about something, chances are you aren’t the only one. 

In the digital and information age, it’s never been easier to carve a unique, individual path toward a truly fulfilling life. Fusioneering will aid you in combining your greatest loves, while looking ahead and wondering “what could be” will aid you in finding a place for your passions where they can flourish. 

Remember: don’t let the way things are keep you from fusioneering things the way you want them to be. Create a fork in the path ahead for you.      


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